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Service packages

Make use of our standard packages or enquire about customising any particular package to your needs.

No high pressure washing is used on any of the packages. On packages 2-6 we will ensure the bike gets a proper check through of items such as:

  1. Brake pad wear
  2. Chain condition and wear
  3. Gear cable damage
  4. Spoke tension
  5. Tyre condition
  6. Bearing play on wheel hubs

  1. WASH & GO R90.00

    Quick wash and lube of chain.
    (Please note that we don’t guarantee that a technician will check your bike.)


    Low pressure wash with full degrease of drive train.
    Full inspection of bike with minor gear and brake set.

  3. MINOR SERVICE R580.00

    Includes all of service 2 +

    • Replacement of gear cables (excludes parts)
    • Freebody service
    • Renew sealant in both wheels

    (excludes all parts)

  4. MAJOR SERVICE R850.00

    Includes all of service 3 +

    • Bottom bracket service
    • Headset service
    • Wheel true

    (excludes all parts)

  5. PIVOT SERVICE R120.00

    Service or replace pivot bearings per pivot.

    (excludes parts)

  6. FULL OVERHAUL R1100.00

    Includes all of service 4 +

    • Full strip down of bike, clean, lube and re-assemble.

    (excludes all parts)

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